garage speakers help


Nov 5, 2014
I just bought a house and it has these speakers hooked up in the garage. I'd love to run music through them but am clueless. The pictures are of the speakers and wires coming out.

I need to know 1. How to get power to the speakers, and 2. How to connect a radio/music to them. Are the wires coming out for power or to hook a radio to it? How do I do both :)? Thanks in advance for all help. I'm clueless and very new to electronics, so please use simple terms and explanations.

I don't know how to attach pictures of the speakers on this site, so you can get some from this link:
Can't enlarge of download the pics but that looks like a single speaker with three drivers. The wire looks like network wire which is not right for speakers. I would remove the cabinet from the wall and you should find 2 terminals on it. If you can't run new wire then you can use the old cable but splice all wires together to make 2 conductors at both ends. This is a single passive speaker so you will need an amplifier for it as well as a source.


Oct 19, 2014
Wow. I'm not sure I would even bother trying to hook those up. That wire is definitely not speaker wire. Who knows if the speakers are properly crossed over. And the port... just looks like a hole in the box.

It may work but it will more than likely sound like crap.