going to buy small music system for kitchen wnat to be able to use wireless or bluetooth speakers, what should I be looking fo


Dec 14, 2015
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For kitchen

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Buying small hi fi for kitchen but needs to have Bluetooth or wireless speakers what should I be looking for

If I have a hi fi that has Bluetooth and speakers that have Bluetooth will they connect?


Feb 22, 2012
Look at a sonos speaker system, I bought one for my brother a few years back. They are wireless can be hooked to pandora, or bluetooth from your phone and can be controlled by remote or an app on your phone.
Buy 2 Sonos Play1 speakers. They are running a deal right now. You can set them up in stereo in the kitchen or use them in two rooms to make two separate zones. The free Sonos app will control them so you can access the web for music without your phone or tablet having to be one all the time music is running. Sound is good too,
They also have better models. You can have up to 32 zones of Sonos on one router so you can expand when and if you want. Setup is easy and their tech support is great.