Google Chrome and Internet Explorer take too long to load. What is the reason and how to solve it?


Sep 22, 2014
Whenever I try to open Chrome and IE in Windows 7 they don't open normally. Instead they take too much time to load. I am very tired of this situation.


Jul 1, 2007
Use Firefox then.

IE is dangerous, to your computers health, and chrome is screwed up at the moment.

I use both Chrome and Firefox, but as I said Chrome is screwed up in many ways at the moment, and Firefox isn't.

IE is never even an option.

It is never a good Idea to have 2 browsers opened at the same time.

Paul NZ

Yup I wouldnt use chrome myself too intrusive. Scan for malware. Could be malware or adware or something

Nothing wrong with having 2 or more browsers opened. Its not going to hurt anything. I do it all the time
Nov 18, 2014
I'm really sorry, but you are very, very wrong! In EVERY security test regards IE, it always comes out as being the most secure browser of the top 3. Always. Though in the past IE has been a pile of sh!t, I don't think it's fair to continue with a bias that hasn't been deserved for at least 4 years. And I must be very clear in stating that I am NOT a fanboi of Microsoft. However, I am a fan of facts. SO let's be clear, IE is not 'dangerous'. (or no more so than the other major browsers)

Don't believe me? Then go and research it yourself. IE doesn't deserve the reputation you are spreading in the same way as Google is falsely advertsing Chrome as being the 'fastest browser' which has also been well and truly disproven time and time again, but as Google have really good lawyers and an amazing hype-machine, they get away with this downright lie. Again, do your own research if you don't take my word for it (and you shouldn't - you should research yourself when somebody makes an 'absolute' claim about anything...or otherwise just start baaaing now)

Other point I'd like to raise, is that (just like my 'answer'), you didn't provide a solution, you provided an opinion. They are not the same, no matter how much one would like them to be. A little research goes a long, long way.

Last query is, why is it 'never a good idea to have 2 browsers open at once'. Could you please explain your reasoning and provide evidence of your assertion? Or is it an opinion? I'm genuinely wondering about the reasoning you have to back up your statement.

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