GoPro Hero 4 silver SD Card Error?


Aug 18, 2013
so my gopro has randomly started giving me an sd card error but the thing is it only happens when i record for over 10 seconds. under 10 i can stop it and the video will save, pictures are fine but that 10 second video just sd card errors it. ive tried reformatting the card in the gopro and that hasnt worked. its worked perfectly fine before the past 2 years ive had it but i left it alone for around a month or two since moving and finally decided to get back to it. it was in the casing the whole time so it wouldnt have gotten messed up by anything moving. any help would be greatly appreciated, ive tried googling it and ive only seen to come across people having issues once starting up their gopro so this is my next option, to ask all you smarty people on these forums lol. thank you in advanced if i get an answer!!!