GSM Cell Phone With Dual SIM Card Slot


Mar 18, 2010
First of all, let me state that I know close to nothing about cell phones.

I might be interested in purchasing a quad-band (GSM), dual-SIM card cell phone. The idea is that if I have to travel to a European country I could purchase a second SIM card there and install it in the cell phone.


1) What are the caveats about purchasing such a phone? For instance: Will the cell phone monitor incoming calls to either SIM card phone number? What about using SIM cards from two different providers?

2) Where would I find an online site that has tested and recommends particular brands/models? Paramount for me, besides cost, is voice quality, ease of setup and use. (I only need a phone that handles voice and text, so I am not looking for a smart phone.)

3) How do I know if a phone for sale is a smart phone or a standard cell phone? For instance, is this a "regular" cell phone or a smart phone? http://

4) Can you recommend a basic cell phone with the characteristics that I mentioned?
Mt Treo 650 had dies after 7 years of usage and one of the things I used to do with that was just yank my SIM .... not for the reasons you state but because it was an expensive smart-phone, when id be boating or mountain biking I didn't want to carry it with me. So when ever doing something risky ..... to my phone, not me :) .....Id pop my SIm into a cheap $29.99 phone and take that..... Manufacturers have since however tried to make that process particularly difficult.


Sep 25, 2013

1. This article answers most of the questions you will have about dual sim. LINK
2.Chinavasion Has a lot of dual sim phones at good prices.
3. The link to the phone you provided is for a non smart phone the only way to tell is by reading if it says it is Android, Apple, or Blackberry then it is smart if it does not mention a operating system then it is non smart.
4. I can recommend several

$68.50 Rugged Waterproof Mobile Phone $69.42 Senior Citizen Phone
$40.16 Small Sports Car Mobile Phone
$85.31 Rugged Design Mobile Phone


Jun 6, 2013

The issues are as follows some providers do not like gsm amd some like cdma

others like diffrent frequencys most providers can tell you what frequency they like