GTX 960m Thermal Limit issues.


Dec 10, 2014
I'm reposting this, because my last attempt at this thread two days ago got no answers, and this issue is extremely annoying. If anyone could give me any pointers as to how to fix this, I would be incredibly grateful.


Heya there,

I've been having issues with the GTX 960m in my laptop, as of late. Up until about 6-7 days ago, it was always working perfectly fine, but since, something very strange is occuring with its thermal limit.

What essentially happens is that after about 4 hours of the laptop as a whole being on (so not necessarily after using the GPU at all), the GPU has been setting its thermal limit to 55 degrees Celsius. Another thing that occurs then is that the laptop's fan is always on at what sounds like maximum speed while this is occuring. I've checked MSI Afterburner, and another weird occurence is that the core clock is constantly locked at 1098MHz while the GPU is idle (EDIT: it lowers itself to around 800MHz, give or take, under load, to keep to that 55 degree limit).

I've combed around the PC and GPU settings for any sort of fix (checking power settings in both Windows and the Nvidia Control Panel, resetting overclocks done with MSI Afterburner,), but nothing seems to fix the issue, besides a driver reinstallation, which only fixes the problem temporarily.

I was wondering whether anyone has ever had a similar occurence with this GPU, and whether anyone knows of any potential permanent fixes ?




Question from firefalcon124 : "GTX 960M Thermal Limit issue"



Dec 10, 2014
Update: Have tested multiple games. In particular, DOOM seems to be more lax with the GPU temperature limit, sitting at around a maximum of 70 degrees Celsius (EDIT: which is still way below the GPU's rated maximum of 93 degrees Celsius, according to GPU-Z). GPU usage is hovering around 50-60%. In other games, the GPU usage tanks to under 30%, Overwatch most noteably, where before the problem GPU usage was easily over 90% most of the time.

In DOOM, clock speeds hover vary depending on the area of the game, keeping the GPU to that "off-norm" 70° limit, but before the issue started, they were consistently at the maximum set by the overclock I have in Afterburner. DOOM is pretty much the exception in this field where the GPU seems to religiously limit itself to 55°.

Still waiting for guidance over this issue.
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