HDMI Audio not showing up in Playback options


Jan 11, 2017
Hello, my Toshiba Satellite C850 (Windows 10) laptop won't recognize my 2 different HDMI cords connecting to my TV as an audio output and keeps playing through my crappy laptop speakers, although the image is ok. I've went into Device Manager under "Sound, Video, and Game Controls" to update drivers, but my laptop says I'm up to date for my PC.


Jan 14, 2017

There are many other threads similar to this one. A summary of the answers are :

1. Have you also updated your VIDEO drivers?
The HDMI sound comes as part of the video drivers.

2. You may have to manually select the sound to use the HDMI.
The expectation is that HDMI is a sound option.
When I connected my W10 laptop to a proper HDMI TV input, it quite happily showed me the option to play sound through the HDMI port, which I then had to select as the sound output.

My question is :
3. Are you using a HDMI input on your TV?
My W10 laptop refuses to give me the option to send audio through a HDMI to DVI cable. I know that sound works through it as my Raspberry Pi sends sound quite happily through the HDMI to DVI cable. (An advantage of Linux over Windows - it obeys your commands, not tells you what you can & can't do!)
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