HDMI Power Surge


Aug 27, 2012
I am wondering if anyone can help, or point me in the right direction. I woke up and my verizon box was out, i tried to power it back up with no luck, i noticed a burnt smell in teh house so i started checking my other equipment. All said 2 of my verizon boxes are completly dead (one does nothing, the other wont work over hdmi any longer) and 2 of the tv's hdmi ports are no longer functional, the third tv just makes a clicking and wont power on at all. What could have caused this, the tv's/STB are all in seperate rooms, on divverent AC Circuts and all protected by decent surge protectors , i suspect the surge traveled through the coax, but i fail to what caused this to begin with. Nothing else in the house or the neighbors houses was affected in any known way, including teh actiontec router also attached to fios coax.

If it is relivant the Tvs were all LCD, the dead one dynex, the others samsung, and all 3 STB's are Verizon Fios morotolla boxes.


Feb 19, 2009
It is entirely possibly a surge took out everything. I've seen an entire house worth of electronics taken down by a cable surge. Cable surges can be local, or network wide, but a local surge (your house only) is far more common. Cable companies have reverse surge protection at their box at the street to prevent something from travelling upstream, and taking out their equipment. I would start with your provider, and ask them to investigate the occurance If you suspect it came from the network. For example, no power fluctuations, or electrical storms in the area. If you have homeowner's insurance, you can file a claim with them. I'm sure your deductable is lower than the damaged equipment. If you use panamax, or monster surge protectors, they will cover the replacement cost of your equipment, or your deductable on your homeowner's insurance, whichever is lower.

Best of luck!

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