HDMI Switch 3 Inputs, 2 Outputs


Jun 27, 2014
So I currently have an xbox one, cable box, and computer hooked up via HDMI to the TV in my living room. I just bought a TV for my bedroom and would like to use that TV for the same things.

I was thinking about getting an HDMI swtich to solve that problem, but im not sure of the proper setup, or the best bang for my buck.

I would like to somehow set it up so i can use my computer, Xbox one, and Cable box (3 Inputs) to both(2 Outputs) of my TV's.

Thanks for the Help.


How long between the living room TV and the bedroom TV? HDMI does have a max limit and the longer the cable, the worse the signal problems.

Now sounds like what you want is not a switch, but a HDMI Matrix. They cost more money but have say 4 inputs, 2 or 4 outputs, and let you assign any input to any output or outputs. Then you could actually use whatever you wanted on the living room and whatever on the bedroom TV.


Jun 27, 2014
It is Roughly 15-20 feet between the two TVs.

Any suggestions on who to buy the HDMI matrix from?
How much will the quality be effected at that distance.
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