Dec 16, 2012
How would I go about setting up this system/connecting. Do I need special cords or receivers? I have a few HDMI cables lying around but do not have HDMI audio receiver.

I have:


Speakers (that I'm considering):

Blue Ray player:

After looking around, I am leaning towards a cheaper option. For under $150, what is the best way to use Stereo Speakers (just 2 speakers) and a subwoofer?
HDMI from disk player to TV, coax audio out form TV to reciever, reciever to speaker with whatever connection the speakers would use. The simplest way to set things up is just get a sound bar that comes with a sub. I have just a cheap Vizio sound bar that I got for $50 used, no subwoofer, and it sounds pretty good.

Something like That's pretty much what I use minus the sub.