Headphones Randomly Stop and Start


Apr 2, 2015
I have recently built a PC and everything was working fine. However, suddenly when listening to music or on an application, I hear a pop and the audio goes really quiet with the exception of some random pops approximately every minute. My sound button on the bottom-left of my taskbar shows me that headphones are plugged in and audio is getting outputted through these at the normal volume. However, this is only slightly audible if the volume is turned to the maximum, and even then you can barely hear it. After a while my headphones pop and audio suddenly goes back to actual normal volume again.

I have tried using other headphones, updating the drivers, troubleshooting and checking the connections are secure in the case/on the board but I end up having to just wait it out until the audio comes back.

OS - Windows 8.1
MB - MSI Z97 Gaming 7
CPU - Intel i7-4790k
Case - XPredator X3

Update: Found that disabling and re-enabling headphones in 'Sound' seems to fix the problem, but it just eventually reverts.

Update: Installed realtek sound drivers from my motherboard's disc and it seemed to work. However, on reboot, the problem came back.
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