Headset HELP!


Feb 11, 2012
Hello :D
im looking for a good sound quality and comfort headset or headphones..
the connection will be through logitech speakers so im not into USB connection that much.. but if you think usb would be better no prob..
plus im not into microphone that much..so i just want good sound for music (and games).

Thanks ^^


The best headphone covers the entire ear like a cup.

A headphone that presses against the ear (foam pads) can cause much pain over long periods. (you have been warned)
The foam pad pressing against the ear will cutoff blood circulation, resulting in painful loss of blood to the earlobes. I'm not saying it again. Ouch, ouwee, pain.

If you want to look at a benchmark for cheap good headphones, Sennheiser HD 280 Pro is a starter. Although it may be discontinued.
If you want to look at the best possible, Stax is the best ones you can get.
So as usual, look for the middle road, as you seek your headphones, as you walk your path to quality and comfort...there is no reason to go for extreme in tither directions. It's worth $100 or more to start into exceptionable headphones.
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