Headset Microphone not working. Believed to be missing drivers. Tested on other devices.


Aug 9, 2017
Hi all,

(Windows 8.1)
So I have this nice Rig 500 Gaming headset I received as a gift and I wanted to use it with my computer for playing games and skype calls. It all worked fine for quite a long time but then one day the microphone stopped showing up in the recording devices tab and wouldn't appear or register even if I showed disabled/disconnected devices.

The audio playback still works, it is just the microphone that isn't working and not showing up.
The connection the headset uses is one single 3.5mm headphone jack into the front green port.

I have tested the headset's microphone on a tablet and it recorded perfectly fine.
I have also used other headsets with microphones with my computer and the results have been the same.

I believe I may have accidentally deleted some drivers, but I don't know which those could have been or whether that is the case.

I am open to any suggestions and can provide more specs if required.