Help figuring out the bottleneck


Dec 31, 2007
Firstly hello there :) First time in those forums

Ok here it goes,
Its been more than a month that I'm trying to figure the bottleneck and I can't seem to find it so I thought I will try my luck here.

First the specs of my computer:
-Windows 7 64Bit
-Seasonic 1050X
-ASUS p9x79 WS motherboard
-32GB (4x8gb ) ram Kingston 1600mhz ECC - buffered. Cas 11-11-11-28 (quad channel, only 4 slots out of the 8 our populated)
-2 ASUS GTX780-DC2-3GD5 (not in SLI mode Because premiere seems to like them more this way) I have one monitor on each card. Both sit on PCI Express v3.0 x16 lanes
-Xeon E5-2680v2 (10-core)
-Intel SSD 180GB 530 Series (roughly 500mb r/w Windows disk)
-Samsung Evo 840 1TB (roughly 500mb r/w) Work disk
-WD Black Cavias 4TB (Roughly 170mb r/w) Render Disk
-And few other disks not of that importance

So bare with me I'm gonna be as thorough as I can.

I'm working with Premiere Pro CC 2014 (Latest Version) When I am rendering any type of footage (be it standard definition PAL or high definition Mpeg M2T) to H264 bluray my cpu usage is only about 55 to 60% and when I am rendering High defintion to mpeg bluray it gets about 70%-80% usage. Why not 100%?

My ram usage at the time of the render is no more than 15GB for H264 bluray and no more than 20GB or mpeg bluray, So bottleneck is not the ram right?

My footage is located on samsung SSD which is capable of 500MB reads and writes and its rendering to my WD which is cable of 170MB reads and writes. I can see the usage of my disks through resource monitor and it is never higher than 20MB. So cant be the disks now, is it? Also I get the same amount of cpu usage wether I render from standard definition or High definiton which also tells me that can't be the disks.

During exporting H264 bluray or Mpeg bluray my graphic cards are not used at all, I know that from GPU-z. (in case you were wondering both graphic cards get a very good use when exporting to DVD) So can't be the graphic cards right?

I tried tightening my Rann latencies from 11-11-11-28 to 8-8-8-24 Just in case there is any difference and still there was no difference at all.

So here I am left wondering, what am I missing? If its not the Ram, not the graphic cards, no the hard disks, whats forcing my cpu to stay so low especially in H264 rendering? I also included a screenshot when rendering H264. Is it maybe because I only have 4 ram sticks instead of 8 that my motherboard supports? I dont know... Any help will be greatly appreciated.



You might get more of a response if you reposted this to the Components or Systems sections over on Tom's Hardware. Tom's Guide's community is still in its infancy, and is really more focused on consumer electronics like TVs, smart phones, tablets, etc.