help me diagnose laptop randomly restarting


Aug 31, 2011
My wife's laptop, an acer aspire 6920G (full specs here: keeps restarting itself 5 to 10 minutes after turning on. It dual boots windows 7 and ubuntu, and I've had it happen on both, which makes me think (and fear) it's hardware related. Most of what I've tried has been on windows since it's what my wife uses and where I feel more confortable tweaking around.

Weird thing, though, if I log into windows in safe mode, it doesn't seem to restart (or at least in 1 hour, that's the longest I've tried it), which makes me think there must be something that isn't active in safe mode that's causing the restarts.

In general this is what I've tried so far:

1.- Checked for heating issues. This was my first idea, cleaned air vents, checked that all fans were turning without problem and moving air around, even turned it on with the case open and a base that blew air into it, no deal. Also, using heat monitoring software doesn't show the CPU or GPU being too hot, and heat is stable, doesn't increase before a shutdown, plus whether it turns on right after a restart or after being a whole day off doesn't seem to make the restarts any faster or slower.

2.- Tried starting it with the battery and plugged, unplugged using the battery power and plugged with the battery removed, doesn't seem to have any effect, still restarting.

3.- Logged in windows safe mode. No issue, went up for an hour without restarts.

4.- Removed one RAM memory stick at a time (it has 2, 2Gb each), trying each on both sockets. First time I did this, ran without a hitch for the rest of the day. 2 days later, when my wife went to use it, started doing it again, doing the same RAM sticks dance didn't stop it from restarting.

5.- CHKDSK running on windows restart, once restarted without finishing, other time stayed on long enough to finish, no issues found.

6.- Memtest running overnight. No restarts, no errors found.

7.- Running linux DVD boot (RIP Linux), mounted the HDs intending to run HD diagnostics, restarts before I had a chance to do it.

8.- Disabling one by one (in windows 7's device manager) video card (nvidia 9500M), sound card, network and wifi adapter, still restarting. Trying to find what makes safe mode not restart.

Any ideas of what might be causing it?... hoping it's something that can be fixed, my wife needs it for work and we can't really get a replacement anytime soon.


Feb 10, 2014
Let's try to troubleshoot it, cause I'm not certainly sure I can help though.
I suspect it's the ACER fault, my theory (which I google'd) is that the system is set to shut down system at a very low temperature point of 57.5 C.
What are your temps when your Laptop shuts down?
You could also try to update your BIOS, it could help, if they fixed the settings for it.
Cause I read that this Laptop BIOS is locked normally, so we cannot do anything that way.
In case it still happens after update of BIOS, here:

Link to the throttle theory, which seems to be happening to quite lot people: