Help with choosing budget laptop


Sep 6, 2016
So I am looking for a budget laptop for gaming/work. I play league of legends and counter strike. I guess I'm losing myself in cuda cores and cpu/gpu type, gen, etc. the last computer I built was with amds release of the fx-55. (Was about $500 cpu back then) so my dilemma is which is the better choice: A refurbished Intel m4500 with i7-620m 2.66 dual core(1st gen), 1GB Quadro FX 880m gpu, 8GB ddr3 ram and 250gb SSD HD for $200 or a new Asus x555da-as11 with AMD A10-8700P 1.8 GHz quad core CPU, 8GB ddr3 ram, Radeon R5 series gpu (I can't even figure out any info on this gpu), 250GB SSD HD for $400. Now I imagine the $400 is obviously better, but what difference am I seeing, the cuda cores for the refurbed m4500 is 48, is that even enough to run the two games I play? I guess I am asking is the $200 going to show significant increase and is it worth it in my case? Or are these both crap options and I should get something completely different? Thanks for any input!
Biggest thing between the two is one is used, one is new. What is the warranty on them? The ASUS with the A10 CPU is enough to play your two games.