Hey can u tell me which is the most best laptope from dell, toshiba .asus


Jan 26, 2012

Well what a dumb question. You can not even be bothered enough to see how to spell laptop?!

You can not even be bothered to check your post where you write the grand total of:


And that is it....

Yes you might not be a native speaker of English but that is no reason to post something as banal and lazy as that. Use capitals man! Use your spell checker! Use your brain!

In answer to your question it is down to the individual laptop rather than just who made it. An i3 1GB Asus is never going to be a good as an i7 6GB Toshiba although Asus most would argue is the better brand...


Dec 7, 2012
Unless you can find others vouching for Dell screen bevel quality.. stay far away.
Asus is generally thought IMHO to be of better quality. Someone told me at one point that HP and Toshiba are two "built to fail" brands.. though I'm not sure what they were basing their opinions on. Thinking in buisness terms.. ie.. make money.. ie cut costs by buying generic/lesser quality parts... makes me wonder what HP did to be so prominent in Gov. offices and Best Buy..