hitting keyboard letter Like" b" will appear the letter "m:


Aug 1, 2014
acer loptop E1-470 key board is not working good, when i hit the letter" b" what came out is the letter "m" i try many time to update the keyboard. still the same problem exist , what could be the solution for this?


Oct 21, 2014
If you can, try it outside of windows. If that doesn't work, you will most likely have to replace the keyboard. Do NOT do this if the laptop is under warranty. This is fairly simple and can be done relatively quickly. You will need to find a keyboard for the exact model of laptop you have.

There may be several screws on the underside of the laptop, possibly behind the battery, under the hard drive, or in any of the compartments. They are usually labelled with a keyboard symbol. Unscrew those and then place them somewhere safe. Once this is done, there should be small tabs around the keyboard, press them in and gently lever the keyboard out with a flat headed screwdriver. DO NOT FORCE. Once all the tabs are in and the keyboard is levered, you can proceed to go round the edges gently taking it out. Once that's done, do not lift it, but first disconnect the ribbon cable under the keyboard. From there, you can safely take the keyboard out, and put the other keyboard in its place. Simply do the reverse. Plug the cable in, push the keyboard down into place, making sure the tabs line up, then push it down till it clicks, but not too hard. Once that's done, simply put the screws back and the keyboard should work.

This might help if I haven't explained it well:
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