Home audio cuts in and out randomly


May 26, 2015
I am having trouble with my pioneer home audio system. It worked fine for about a year and has recently started cutting in and out randomly. The problem isn't with the inputs as Bluetooth, digital and hdmi inputs have the same issues. The power appears to be fine as well. The system will play for a few seconds to a few minutes then cut out for a few seconds to minutes. Any advice would be highly appreciated.
Disconnect the speakers from the receiver and see if it goes off. If it doesn't them reconnect each speaker one at a time. A shorted wire or bad speakers can cause this. If it happens with no speakers connected and you haven't moved the receiver to a location that doesn't restrict ventilation then the receiver has a problem.
May 6, 2018
I am having the same exact issue with my VSX-1123-K. I took it to a local shop and was told its the HDMI Board but not sure that's the answer. The tuner works fine but everything else cuts in and out. Not the speakers or speaker wire. Changed wires and speakers and its always the same. Every connection except the tuner. Analog or digital


Although your system doesn't power off, americanaudiophile's troubleshooting still applies. Disconnect all speakers and introduce one at a time. Likely an exposed bit of wire shorting or an internal short on a speaker or the receiver. You may also want to remove the cover for the receiver and blow everything out to rule out overheating.
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