home cinema to laptop


Aug 7, 2013
hi i have got YAMAHA 5.1 home theatre and im connecting it to my SONY VAIO laptop via HDMI with out a TV.but there is cut across the picture when i try to watch movies or youtube !the cut comes and goes and its annoying .when i connect it via audio cable i dont have this problem but the quality of sound is not the same.any solution????
Do you mean you don't use HDMI at all, or just connect the sound though an audio cable? If you bypass HDMI and you have no issues, could be the port on either the sony or the reciever. Try HDMI from laptop to TV, if that works fine, you know it's the reciever.
Sounds like you might have a ground loop problem. This can cause a noise bar on the screen. Try using a 3 to 2 ground lifter on the HTib power cord. If you use the laptop with the charger connected then you can find out if this is the problem by trying it on battery.
If your laptop does not have a digital audio out you can use something like this to get audio to the Yamaha without compromising quality.