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Home Sound System Help!


Mar 14, 2014
I'm looking for a sort of amplifier/sound board that is quite compact and has lots of inputs/outputs. (Hopefully) It will run about 6 speakers from 1 pc and a radio/CD player/iPod Dock. Are there any you guys could recommend or any advice about what I could use.
Thanks :)
Are you wanting 6 stereo speakers or surround sound?

If you want surround sound you will need to get a surround receiver.
There is no small/compact option for 6 speakers and a good amount of inputs. Its a full size receiver or nothing.

The only other option if your PC has separate outputs for front/rear/center, etc is you could get individual small amps for each channel.
This will be small but requires more power outlets and individual volume knobs. Not really an ideal solution.


Mar 14, 2014

Ah ok... I was thinking a kind of surround sound system sou I'll probably go with a receiver then! Are there any you could recommend?
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