Hooking up multiple devices via a soundbar/AV receiver with HDMI pass through on a monitor with only one HDMI port?


Dec 7, 2017
Hey folks.

So, my goal is to have my PC, Nintendo Switch, and PS4 Pro connected to a decent soundbar or receiver w/ speakers.

I thought a receiver or soundbar with HDMI pass through would allow me to connect all of my devices to it, then from its HDMI output to my monitor's single HDMI input, thus letting me switch between them when needed, taking care of audio and video without any extra cables needed. Have I missed something, or is it really as simple as that? I don't need anything other than a device that allows HDMI pass through with the adequate number of ports, and four HDMI cables?

Apologies for the unbelievably amateurish question, but I've utterly confused myself; it seems too simple for some reason. I panicked and assumed I needed as many ports on my monitor as devices.

Thanks for getting this far,

You just need one HDMI port on the screen. The job of the receiver is to take all those inputs and be able to use them on one TV, or in your case the monitor.