How can I make audio come out of 2 sets of speakers respectively?


Feb 13, 2013
I have my setup with 1 monitor (external speakers connected through computer audio out) and 1 TV with built in speakers. I would like to have the audio for the respective screens play through the respective speakers. Is that possible?


I'm not quite sure what you mean.

You will get the SAME audio coming out of both sets of speakers. If you don't want the audio out of the desktop speakers then turn them off or turn the volume down, or MUTE it. Same thing for the TV.


i think what he is asking is:

if he has a dual monitor setup... and netflix on screen A(monitor) and a game on screen B(tv) that sound for netflix will come out of speakers while the game would come out the tv speakers.

at least that is my take on things.

i have heard that windows vista had this "stream routing" feature built in but that windows 7 it does not work. not sure about windows 8. generally windows does not like doing what you suggest however there are programs you can get which accomplish what you want. perhaps windows audio router program (cannot verify if its a decent program but it seems to do what you ask)
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