how can i open my blocked hotmail account...?


May 29, 2015
My Hotmail account is my home page. Now Internet Explorer says it can't open it. I have not ever had a Microsoft Account but now since they are changing Hotmail I think I need one. When I go there, they asked for my password for Hotmail. I never used a password except to open up my computer and then it when directly to my Hotmail account. When I tried that password, it wasn't accepted. I gave them a Hotmail account that I had a long time ago , but there has been closed because I never used it. I do not have texting on my phone so how do I contact Microsoft or what else is there to get in my account? Another problem is that all of my email contact addresses are now shut up in my Hotmail account so when Microsoft asked for frequently used emails, I only had one that happened to be in my notes.
If that isn't enough of a problem at this time of year, today is my birthday and my friends often send me e cards. HELP!!

Alaa Eraiqat.