How can I separate laptop speakers and headset with only one playback device?


Apr 9, 2015
I have an ACER Apire E 17, and I have been trying to separate my headset speakers and the built in speakers so I can have the game music from the speakers, and communications through my headset.
The problems:
1) There is only one playback device:
The only playback device listed is Realtek High Defintion Audio, even after I checkmark show disabled and disconnected devices, I do not have a digital output listed.
2) My HD Audio Manager has no Advanced Settings option:
I have deleted my computer's current version, installed in different instances, r2.73 and r2.75(newest version) and neither of them give me any advanced settings options.
As well, only the front right and left options are available
3) When my headset is plugged in the speakers are automatically muted:
I cannot find anywhere where I can adjust this option, as my audio manager has no advanced options.

As this is a laptop, a second audio card may not be an available option.
I have downgraded from windows 8 to windows 7 and still see no difference, I still only have one playback device and my audio manager still has no advanced options. I am out of ideas, not sure if anyone has another idea?


Apr 9, 2015

Well since I've gotten no answer, the best I could do was find a usb sound adapter, kind of a catch all solution for any sound device issues.


what you ended up going with is basically one of the only fixes. windows does not like multiple audio devices outputting at once.

there is a 100% software solution, virtual audio cable which should enable you to do the same thing however its not quite as plug and play as an external card is.
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