How do I connect a 1 HDMI DVD box to my new TV and HDMI cable box so that my husband with Alzheimer's doesn't have to change t


Feb 8, 2017
My husband has Alzheimer's and needs things to be VERY EASY to do. I have a Charter cable box that uses a HDMI plug. My DVD has one HDMI Plug and my TV has two. I can get the TV to work, but not the DVD. I have a set of red, white and yellow plug wires. I'm older and have no understanding of this stuff. I need simple explanations as to how to do this. Do I need to buy him another DVD Player with 2 HDMI ports? He also has an old AMP, is there a way to hook that up for him as well, as he likes using it for volume with his speakers.
You cannot connect one to the other. Each connects directly to the TV. You say your TV has two HDMI inputs.
Cable box connects to the TV HDMI input 1.
DVD connects to the TV HDMI input 2.
If the TV only has one you can get an HDMI input selector that will give you additional HDMI inputs. Some are automatic so when you turn on the DVD you get that. When you turn it off it goes back the to cable box. Would make it easier to use.
As to connecting the amp it will depend on what connections the TV and amp have. If the TV has a headphone jack then that can connect to the amp.

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