how do i get zone 2 to play the same audio as zone 1 with optical cable


Nov 27, 2017
just hooked up new samsung tv with toslink cable to my 5.2 stero reciever. the problem i have is now i cant get the reciever to play the same audio as zone 1 on zone 2. ive tried everything and im at a lost. With the RCA cables i had before i had no problem but when i switched to optical cable i cant. should i be looking for a buttom on the reciever to do it
Some receivers will not send digital audio to zone 2.
You could split the TV optical out. Connect one output to the receiver as you already have. Connect the other output to a 5.1 compatible DAC. Connect the analog output of the DAC to an analog input on the receiver. Select that input for zone 2. There might be a sync problem if you run both zones at the same time.
If you have a set top box with analog audio output you can use that as zone 2 audio.