how do I hook up speakers?

Nov 9, 2018
Is there any way to hook up a speaker or soundbar to my Samsung 32" model #UN32EH4003FXZA tv? With Dish,Roku, and DVD player already hooked up I have 1 (HDMI IN 2) port, 1 (USB) port and 1 (EX-LINE) port open. I am not familiar with all these new electronic devices. Thank you!
Not all TV are compatible to any soundbar, basically they both need to have the same audio interface. The only interface you listed that may work is the EX_LINE, then the SB should have a LINE-IN/AUX to match. In rare cases if TV HDMI is ARC, then SB also needs a HDMI ARC to talk to ea. other. Toslink is a popular interface but u listed none on ur TV.
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