How do I play audio from Amazon Fire tv stick to Bose surround sound system?

Mar 31, 2018
Hi, I can play audio regularly when watching tv but when I am watching something on my amazon fire tv stick the video plays but no sound come out of my Bose surroud sound system. I have the fire stick in HDMI input on my tv, the Video/Y cable plugged into the tv and the other end plugged into the Composite Video Out input, the Cable-Sat red and white ends plugged into the Bose box and the other red and white ends plugged into Audio Out input in my regular tv box
Seems you don't have a connection at all from the TV audio out to the Bose. That would explain why you can't get sound.
Depending on the make and models of the TV and Bose you may need a digital to analog converter to connect the TV to the Bose. If you connect the cable box to the TV for picture and sound that will also work through the Bose with the same connection. Check the TV manual on how to configure and use the audio output. It may need to be turned on, the TV speakers turned off, and the audio type set to PCM stereo to get it working.
Jul 22, 2019
Had the same problem, but eventually got it to work. You need to go into Amazon settings and select display and remote control, add a new item and search it will then bring up the Bose solo
okay this and you will get sound. You have to go into settings each time you use the fire stick but the sound bar details will still be there just press connect.
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