How does this laptop look?


Jul 24, 2013
I like to think I know a lot when it comes to desktops, but for laptops I don't know as much as I'm sure some do here. I am looking at a laptop for school (university) a bit for this year, but I will really need it next year when I will probably leave the province. I recently saw a very good deal at staples on this laptop:
I was wondering what you guys think of it for daily tasks and also maybe a bit of gaming on the low end (very low priority). I was going to maybe wait for kaveri but this seems like a very good deal. So what do you guys think? Is there anything else you'd recommend? I'm in Canada, so any retailer here is fine. Thanks for any advice/ suggestions you may have!


Sep 21, 2007

PRO: - descent price
- 8 GB of DDR3
- Radeon HD 8750M with 2 GB of dedicated DDR3 VRAM (not too bad of a GPU for a laptop)
CONS: - acer (bad quality will last 1 1/2 to 2 years)
- A8-5557M Processor ( not too good for gaming)
- windows 8 (I prefer win 7 but what can you do about it)
- look at the review : laptop runs hot, but that the main problem with most laptops