How i resolve power problems on my easynote packard bell laptop



my packard bell easynote f7310 labtop goes of shortly after powered on.How can i resolve this problem.


Dec 31, 2001
Hi i had the same problem with mine i found out through a computer engineer that the problem is the intel graphics chip if you lower the resolution it will work fine but if you want to fix it copleatly and have HD graphics you need a new 2.4ghz graphics procesor i paid £40 to have mine fixed with a 12v months warrenty and if i take it back for a check up every 12 montyhs now i pay will have to pay £10 then it has another 12 months warrenty only just had it fixed 3 weeks ago it is cased by the over heating of th graphics chip so i was told and the engineer said i could pay £10 and run it on a lower resolution with no problems or pay £30 for a new chip which i did and its been fine ever since put it in safe mode and if it stays on with no problems this is the fault because in safe mode the graphics driver is not running!!

hope this helps also clean your fans and use a cooling pad that helps i got a cool 1 for £8 its anodized aluminum and has legs that fold out into a stand that can be foled into 35 different positions or tucked away so its just a pad with 2 extra cooling fans to help keep the chips cool this made mine stay on for alot longer before i had it fixed