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    Packard Bell Easynote TS P5WS0 Screen and Fan problem

    Hey all, I have recently purchased a faulty laptop to repair and was wondering what others thought of these problems and how best to deal with them. The laptop seems to have 2 problems. 1) The screen does not work (laptop works fine with an external monitor), When i turn the power on for the...
  2. Z

    Urgent!! urgent urgent

    When i stat my Packard Bell EasyNote a message appear in the screnn that the boot device missing or not found. I tried to enter in the BIOS to fix it but i can't have any access based on the way i am using to fix that problm for other brand. So what i have to do to fix it???? Help, please!!
  3. J

    Packard Bell Easynote TK P5WS6 & Windows 10?

    Just wondering if anyone here had upgraded this old laptop to Windows 10 and if it was smooth sailing. Also trying to find it under whatever alternative name Packard Bell gave it as cannot find it listed on their website. thanks
  4. J

    Packard Bell EasyNote TE, smashed display, wont detect external display on boot

    Hi, My sisters son completely smashed the screen on her Packard Bell EasyNote TE. I took out the hard drive and put it in an external display so she still has all her data, she said I can keep the laptop for parts. The display is destroyed but everything else appears to be fine. Only the top...
  5. V

    Packard Bell EasyNote NX69-HR-073NL

    Hi Guys, Currently having a problem with my Packard Bell EasyNote NX69-HR-073NL. Its really slow and freezing now i think the problem is the hard drive, so im wondering is there way for me to wipe the hard drive from the bios on this laptop? As it is so slow and then after a period of...
  6. P

    I have no cursor on my Easynote TJ65. How do I get it back?

    The cursor has disappeared no my laptop.Does anyone know how to get it back?
  7. F

    Packard bell easynote tj74 startup issues..

    Hi all. Our old laptop is having a few start-up problems, and I have been trying to diagnose this issue without much luck. When powered on, sometimes it boots fine, no problems. Others, the fans start-up, and nothing else happens, the screen is black, and that's all it does. I can hold in the...
  8. C

    easynote ts44hr not powering on

    i have been asked to fix a Packard bell easynote ts44hr laptop, it does not show any indication of power. no lights at all. but if i plug the charger in i can definitely hear it drawing current. i have it disassebled on my dest right now but i see no blown chips. i see 2 red glass tubes on the...
  9. S

    Packard Bell Easynote LJ61 Blank screen when turned on

    Hey, I have a Packard Bell Easynote LJ61, and it has always had a bit of a dodgy screen, like sometimes it would flicker or go really grainy but I have managed to fix that. It was working fine until the other day when i reinstalled windows 10. I don't think installing windows 10 is the problem...
  10. A

    How to disassembly Easynote TR86

    Hi, How to disassembly Easynote TR86 ? Thank you Alessandro
  11. G

    i have a packard bell mh36 (easynote) whats the best operating system for gta san andreas to run on but still good for other

    i have a packard bell mh36 (easynote) I need to know what would be the best operating system for gta san andreas but still good for general use (internet downloads,games, facebook)
  12. R

    How to turn on PB laptop without power button?

    Laptop model is Pacard Bell Easynote TV43CM At first the power button just stayed down after pressing it and I could just lift it up with something to turn it on but now it has no effect. Have tried removing the button and press straight on the switch but it doesn't power up. Is there a way to...
  13. M

    Lenovo laptop wont charge

    Hi, I have a Lenovo EasyNote ENTG71BM laptop for school. Recently it stopped charging. It wont turn on but it does when it's plugged in, but the battery stays at 0% all the time. Specs if needed: CPU: Intel Celeron N2840 @2.16GHz RAM: 4GB OS: WINDOWS 10 HOME 64 bit HDD: 500gb BATTERY: 3-cell...
  14. P

    Packard Bell doesn't boot

    Hello, I have some troubles with my Packard Bell ZEA (EasyNote). 1) The internal HD died. 2) I replaced it by an 1Tb Thoshiba. 3) The notebook won't start on an Install DVD (Linux or Windows) 4) I installed Windows on another computer on the HD and moved it again in the PB. 5) The PB recognize...
  15. S

    Attempt to reset display driver and recover from timeout failed.

    Hi, i have a packard bell EasyNote EN LS44HR. While using a program recently my computer gave me a bluescreen error saying "attempt to reset display driver and recover from timeout failed". And basically got stuck on a loop, everytime i opened normally i would get the same error then the laptop...
  16. E

    what is the maximum screen resolution on the packard bell easynote m5262

    hi i recently replaced the display in my hp nx6325 because it went bad ,but being on a very tight budget i used one from a packard bell easynote m5262 but with the original cable & inverter from the hp.although the operation was a great success the displays maximum screen resolution is 1024x768...
  17. M

    Packard Bell EasyNote TM82 Display problem

    My brother has a laptoop from packard Bell Model Easynote Tm82 ,It was fine till he tried to reset the memory again , some thing burned out , I am not sure where it is located on the main board , as my brother told me Now, when I try to power on the Laptop on , a white screen appears for one...
  18. A

    I can't open my CD/DVD drive.

    I have EasyNote ENTF71BM. There is no button to open the drive
  19. Ben Woolley

    Which budget laptop should I get cheapest best option?

    A friend of mine is looking to purchase a laptop on a budget of around £250 (lower if possible) and has provided me with some of his options, which out of these would you guys recommend? If anyone knows of a better option please let me know. Thanks PB EasyNote TE69KB -...
  20. A

    Black Screen on my packard bell tj71

    My Easynote tj71 laptop is about 5 months since i bought.it worked very well for some time then when i try to play a game the screen gets black and i have to reopen my laptop again.but only when charging my laptop it happens....please help me
  21. K

    I've put a i5-2450 in a Easynote Te11hc

    I have been experiancing random crashes and I don't know whats wrong, I've updated the Bios from packard bell but I still get the crashes it's not overheating if anything it's cooler. The CPU I had before was a b830. Is there a bios from another company I can use? (preferably from one that has a...
  22. T

    Easynote Wifi Issue

    Packard Bell Easynote won't connect to WIFI. The wifi connections are visible but I keep getting the 'windows was unable to connect' message.
  23. M

    EASYNOTE TE11HC won't power on,blue light flashes 5 times,help please

    EASYNOTE TE11HC WON'T power on ,blue light flashes 5 times,what can the problem be
  24. X

    This isn't normal, right?

    I have a Packard Bell Easynote TK87, with an Intel Core i3 CPU 2.53 GHz, 8 GB RAM, nVidia GeForce 610M 1GB. My problem is it doesn't run any game with a decent fps. Orcs Must Die 2, The Forest, Dota 2, League of Legends, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. With the lowest settings i barely have 24...
  25. K

    packard bell Easynote TJ71 Black screen

    Hello! A friend of mine brought me a packard bell Easynote TJ71 laptop telling me that it won't turn on. So first things first, I tried turning it on, CPU fan spins up, power led is on and HDD spins up, but the screen remains black. Doesn't matter what button I press, nothing happens. So I...
  26. L

    turn on my keyboard

    Hi I have a packard bell easynote, and ever since I updated the windows 8.1, I can't get my actual keyboard to work - only my touch screen - any advice? Thanks Louise
  27. J

    help black screen

    I bought a Packard bell easynote fot my son. he took it to thialand. I bought it in nov 2013 from very catalogue after a months use it got the black screen. he cant affort to send it back from Thailand. can you get in touch with him by e-mail to try and help with this problem please
  28. N


    hello, i have a packard bell easynote on the bottom is says easymate R7735W and MIT-RHE-BT and the s/n is 118600570233 that has windows 7 on it but 7 wont support the wifi card which is a Intel® PRO/Wireless 2200 GB NETWORK CONNECTION card, do i just need to change the card or is it something...
  29. W

    The best thing to buy? HELP ?? !

    Hello there, First off all I want to say I am not from england or america. So my english wont be the best. Sorry fot that. But why I camed here is becouse I dont know what to buy... I am thinking about buying the : PACKARD BELL EasyNote TE69HW-1443NL8 Or the : HP Pavilion 15-D080ED I am...
  30. B

    how to turn my easynote tj74 on without power button

    I have a Packard bell easy note tj74 but my power button as broke off altogether is there anyway I can turn it on without power button?
  31. N

    need a users manual for a packard bell easynote M5

  32. P

    I have a Packardbell easynote TE... Pressing the fn key together with the f3 key doesn't work for switching the wifi on... Is

    I have a Packardbell easynote TE... pressing the fn key together with the f3 key doesn't activate the wifi... is there perhaps another switch....?
  33. B

    Laptop Black Screen

    Hello, I'm currently facing a black screen on my old ALT not main Packard Bell EasyNote LJ65. Whether it's switched on the screen remains black, HDD spinning, fans running then stopping after 3 seconds, the CPU Icon blinks for 1 second on the touchpad above keyboard then nothing, no keys...
  34. S

    Hello. Does anybody know how to get to the keyboard in a Packard Bell Easynote TS11SB?

    I want to change the keyboard on my Packard Bell Easynote TS11SB, but the keyboard doesnt seem easy to reach.Does anybody know how?
  35. N

    help!!! black screen on pakard bell laptop

    hi guys. i have a problem with mt inverter in my laptop. but i can't find the inverter, so do it have one and were is it. this is my laptop: easynote tm82-sb-842nc i want to know about the inverter is built in the screen so i just can replace it or it is impossible to fix it at my self.
  36. M

    Keyboard not working

    Hi i have an Easynote LE11BZ, i formatted the hard drive and reinstalled windows 8. Now the keyboard is not working properly. The letters are working fine, but special characters are not working. WHAT CAN BE WRONG!? Simon
  37. V

    Packard Bell Easynote TK85-JN-205FR

    hey, i have bought the Packard Bell Easynote TK85-JN-205FR and i'm encountering the problem that while using the PC with the mousepad on the pc he sometimes blocks. cursor doesnt moves anymore and hard boot is required. any one knows this problem and the remedfy for this? Frank van de wiel...
  38. S

    I need mother board of packard bell

    Dear Sir, I need a full mother board of packard bell, easynote-TK85-GN-989NCD. here is my email add...sadaqat_alshinwari@yahoo.com
  39. W

    Disassembly manual

    Hello, does anyone know how I can get a disassembly manual for a TJ68 so I can fix a cable within this easynote laptop.
  40. R

    Black screen

    i have a pb easynote labtop, when i connected in the printer lead there was aspark and the screen is now black although the icons can be seen faintly is there anything i can do
  41. B

    Easynote TJ67

    Hello, Does anyone know where to get a diagram/instruction on disassembly of Easynote TJ67. Broke some keys on keyboard and trying to replace keyboard - generally you ease the strip at top of keyboard and then straight forward 2 scres and change. This one seems to require accessing from...
  42. B

    Packard bell Easynote LJ65-AU-055UK

    Dear Toms Hardware I have a Packard bell Easynote LJ65-AU-055UK i hvae tryed to upgrade the memory in the laptop from 4gig to 8gig. wich i have been told by packard bell that is the max ammout of memory that the board will handle but when i put the memory in it will show in the bios 8gig but...
  43. S

    Recover webcam

    Hello, Ive deleted the webcam from My Packard Bell EasyNote. how do I recover. Leslie
  44. naxster

    Is PackardBell Easynote TK11 good?

    Hi guys i wanted to buy a notebook before and i still want... but since i saw this computer at the same price as the notebook (Acer aspire one D255e) i thought for my self... isn't this better? And i know that the battery life on the notebook is much better since there is no CD/DVD drive and...
  45. G

    Battery replacement Packard Bell EasyNote F7280

    Hi all Hope somebody can help I've been struggling remove my faulty battery but it seems to be caught by the chassis after I undo various screws and the ribbon cord that I pull upwards but I don't want to force it any more. I know the replacement battery has 8 contacts, 3 screws and a ribbon...
  46. 7blades

    Corrupt file? It wont do nothing..

    Right, my laptop which is ancient old, has suddenly decided to have a corrupt file. i have already wiped the harddrive a few years ago so i know how to access the "boot from CD" option, but now it doesnt seem to want to give me that option! regardless of which F button i hold on start up. the...
  47. P


    where is the bios battery located on Easynote R100 laptop .Looked in and under all removable plates and no sign of one.Does it have a seperate /replaceable bios battery???
  48. S

    Which brand?

    Does anyone know if Packard Bell easynote notebooks are any good?
  49. G

    Packard Bell Easynote mx mx65-203

    i just downloaded the windows 7 and i hear no sound from my laptop.Also the web cam is not working .with the sound system im always told to connect speakers , headphone etc when i try to play music . Can you please tell me how to fix this problem ?
  50. G

    Solved! Packard bell easynote

    I have a Packard Bell Easynote laptop and it will not boot up into Windows XP anymore. I am not worried about keeping any of the stuff on it so thought by pressing the F11 key it would simply 'restore' itself to the factory settings. However, when doing this is gets stuck on a screen saying...
  51. G

    How i resolve power problems on my easynote packard bell laptop

    Hello, my packard bell easynote f7310 labtop goes of shortly after powered on.How can i resolve this problem.
  52. P

    Is onboard graphics okay for a non-gamer?

    I am looking at http://www.johnlewis.com/231155385/Product.aspx (packard bell easynote TK87-GN-040UK) It seems great, apart from the onboard graphics. Would this be okay if I was a non-gamer? If not, what would be the best laptop on a budget of around £450?
  53. B

    How to change packard bell laguage settins to english

    I purchased packard bell easynote Tj65 laptop from Italy. It has windows 7 home edition in Italian. There is no option to change the language of windows in English. I could not find language pack for home edition of windows 7 to change the language to English. I need help.
  54. S


    hi everybody new to this site so please be gentle, just purchased a little packard bell easynote 4718 for daughter no 2 to listen to her music and surf the net. problem is the keyboard is spanish i am wondering if a uk keyboard from an easynote 4710 or 15 would fit , seen some images and they...
  55. M

    Packard Bell Easynote LJ65 Backlight Fault

    Hello, The backlight to my laptop seems to have stopped working, i can see a very faint display on the laptop but if i plug it into an external source its perfectly fine...HELP!!!
  56. J

    Packard bell easynote mv35-202

    Hello, packard bell easy note mv35-202 is not tuning on and isnt displaying any lights? Any ideas to what it could be and the cost to repair?
  57. W

    Packard bell

    does anyone know where i can get drivers for this model (easynote f5280hr) have tried pb's website but just a waste of time. any help grately appreciated
  58. B

    Packard Bell Easynote BV webcam driver?

    i have a 3 year old PB Easynote BV laptop, purchased in the UK. It previously had Vista installed, but ive just upgraded to Win 7. My webcam is now not showing up and Packard Bell are as much use as a chocolate tea pot. Can someone please tell me which make of webcam is used so i can find a...
  59. G

    How to disassemble Packard Bell Easynote GN45 Skype Edition

    Hello, I want to repair my laptop but need instructions on how to dismantle it. I have tried and got stuck in the middle.
  60. S

    Windows 7 realtek electrical interference

    Hello, I have a problem with my Packarbell Easynote TJ-75. I have a irritating soundproblem. It's like electrical interference and when i disable the Realtek HD Audio it disappears. I've tried all of the supported drivers from realtek, same problem with them all. Any ideas?