How to capture laptop screen with webcam?


Apr 4, 2016
I want to be able to record a screen with a webcam. basically so I can see both who is using my computer, and what it is being used for. It's got to be able to record clearly enough to read text on the screen, and I know cameras looking at screens have an issue with this. How can I go about doing it?

Notice I don't want a software solution, its got to be a camera looking at a laptop screen display from a known angle.

I was thinking about this one (below) but I would assume one so cheap would not work. I figured I would ask on here before I went and bought it, any help?

As CLEARLY noted it has to capture the person using the device, as well as what the device is being used for. So, screen capture is useless as it must also identify the person doing the deed.

if you don't know the answer don't answer.


Nov 14, 2015

Good luck with that,Those webcams don't work with capturing screens too well
... and your solution with a camera will go down the drain the moment that laptop' screen is tilted by five degrees. Or laptop itself is rotated. Or the person working on it leans toward it.

If you want to monitor someone' computer usage - install a software, and inform the user.
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