How to connect blue ray player through cable box to get sound from sound bar


Jan 19, 2017
Have a new Vizio soundbar connected via optical cable to cable box. Movies sound great through TV. Want to add Blue Ray player but am not getting sound through sound bar - any help? Had Blue Ray connected to TV via HDMI but no sound from bar. Am thinking connecting blue ray to cable box ? Think that would work no extra HDMI connection on cable box.
Will connecting RCA cable to blue ray and to cable box make the sound connection?
No way to connect BD player to cable box.
We can't give you an exact answer since we don't know what makes and models your gear is.
Both the BD player and cable box connect to the TV with HDMI.
If the TV and soundbar both have ARC you can connect the soundbar to the TV HDMI-ARC input and turn ARC on.
You should be able to use the optical out of the TV to the soundbar. You may have to turn it on, turn the TV speakers off and change the audio output type in the TV menu to get it to work.
You could also use an external HDMI input selector with audio extraction to provide an input for the soundbar.