How to connect Microphone to sing karaoke using JBL speaker + Spotify + Musixmatch

Dec 20, 2018
Hello everybody this is my first post
I want to do some karaoke using my Iphone 6s. I am close to success... but still missing something. I have a JBL GO portable Bluetooth speaker. I have Iphone 6s with Spotify app + Musixmatch app integrated to spotify. So I have music and lyrics, already synchronized. What I need is to find a microphone so that I can use it with this system. Do you think it's feasible?
Dec 20, 2018

Would try to do this

I will get a bluetooth Microphone + another blutooh JBL portable speaker

Then I will:
1) pair via bluetooth the JBL speaker number 1 to mobile Iphone 6 + Spotify + Musix match so that I have lyrics and music
2) pair via bluetooth the JBL speaker number 2 to the microphone

Not an elegant solution but it might work unless the bluetooth mike interferes with the bluetooth signal from the phone. The voice could also be not perfectly synched to the video + lyrics

Still it might be worth a try

What do you think?
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