How to connect microphone to speakers?


Feb 2, 2017
I recently purchased a SOUNDBOKS but am having trouble connecting it with a microphone. I purchased this pre amplifier and connected my mic to it, then connected the preamp to my speaker with an AUX cable. Unfortunately no sound is coming through, so I was wondering if anyone can help troubleshoot this problem for me or if anyone knows how I can fix it.

If not does anyone know of a portable battery powered preamplifier I can use to connect my Soundboks to a microphone?

Thanks so much
Your preamp is labeled "for iPhone", so I would say that the 3.5mm cable jack is wired for Apple' microphone.
- Have you tried using it just that way, to confirm the preamp is compatible with your microphone?
- Have you tried plugging headphones in the output jack and confirming it works?
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