Question How to connect same speakers to PC and TV

Feb 7, 2019

My PC is connected to my Logitech Z211 speakers via 3.5mm jack and to the tv set with HDMI cable.
So I hear from the speakers.

I recently bought a new tv (LG 43UK6300Y) and want to hear from both the pc and the tv with the speakers.
when I watch tv and when I play the computer.
How can I do it?

I've made this sketch, tell me if it could work:
You can't use a splitter to connect two sources to one input. That's the same as connecting the outputs of the PC and TV to each other. You would need an input selector switch to choose either the TV or the PC. You would need a stereo mixer only if you wanted to hear both TV and PC audio at the same time.
If the TV doesn't have an a headphone jack or variable audio output it get more complicated. If the TV only has optical audio output you would need to an optical to analog converter to connect it to the speakers. This output is fixed so the TV remote won't adjust the volume.
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