How to fix the laptop screen of an Asus N43S


May 6, 2013
My laptop screen came on for a few seconds last night after being off for only a few hours. It hasn't hit the wall or floor or anything of the sort. After it went blank the first time, it's stayed blank no matter how many times I restarted it. And the laptop seems to be starting up on its own without me pressing the power button. The screen is still completely blank even after I let the battery run out so I could restart it. I'm hoping you could help me resolve it. Thanks!


Feb 10, 2010
Go to Asus' site and enter the serial info, they can tell when it was built/purchased/registered is ever. Register it to your info and see if you can get it covered first and foremost. There are lots of youtube and google results for testing inverters/LCD panels, etc, but you might as well try to get a warranty coverage first. Sometimes just sending their support an email describing the problem in detail and giving your serial to them will 'establish' the problem to them as proof of the problem. I've heard their support is great, though I've never personally used them... Let me/us know...
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