How to have a usb headphone and a 3.5mm jack headphone work at the same time.


Nov 2, 2013
Hello I was wondering if anyone knows how to enable both usb headphone and a regular 3.5mm jack haedphone work at the same time. Everytime I plug the headphone in I have to enable it in the sound control pannel. After that it would just cancel out the other headphone I have plugged in. Your help would be very much appreciated. THANK YOU!


windows by default automatically switches input over to a headphone device when plugged in. i dont think it allows for two plugged in at the same time in that manner.

however..... if you had two 3.5mm (or i suppose if you had a usb to 3.5mm adapter it might work...) you should be able to plug them in to the headphone jack or the rear front audio jack (also used for headphones) and get sound on both at the same time.

only usefull if you want to share sound with someone else sitting at the pc with you while not disturbing anyone else in the house. if that isnt a concern using speakers is better.
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