Question How to solve Homtom th70 battery problem?

Jul 6, 2019
Hey guys. Recently (18 days ago) I've got problem with my Fablet Homtom th70. Normally is great telephone but as I was walking outside I've recieved a message "Please remove the battery from your phone because is to hot.." or something like that. So I had two options - on right "dismiss" and on left "snooze". To remove the battery is not possible as the battery is embedded in the phone. So I pressed first the button "snooze" but the message came back again. I repeated several times but nothing happened. Then I pressed the button "dismiss" and the telephone switched off. I had still 33% battery. Since then the telephone did not switch on. Also is no charging and there is no any light on it. I tried pressing the main button with the volume button together and it lighted on, but shortly. Then again switched off. I wrote to homtom's official home page but till today no answer. I like this telephone and don't know what to do? Today after 18 days I tried again first time and it worked. I even have opened the wi-fi and it started to update apps. Still I had 33% battery. But after a while I recieved the same message that I should remove the battery because is to hot, but this time i didnt press the button "dismiss". I simply tried to reboot it. After that again switched off and is not working. Charging too. No light or sign of progress.
Would be possible to suggest what to do? It's new telephone and I have it from January on. I"ve ordered in November, recieved in December and start using it in January 2019. I'm sad!
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