How to stop youtube from automatically playing video after clicking the link ?


Jun 25, 2013
the thing is i use limited mobile data for browsing so it would be really helpful for me if i can stop youtube from automatically load videos. because sometimes i only wanted to read the comments.

i use mozilla firefox for browsing. before updating it to version 43.0.1 videos from youtube will automatically blocked because my shockwave flash is not up to date. though i can unblock it anytime i want to watch videos. but now it seems that youtube is no longer using shockwave flash plugin because videos will still playing even after disabling it.

is there a way to prevent youtube from automatically load videos in mozilla firefox ? or maybe some way to force videos to stop loading ?

thanks in advance


Feb 16, 2016
I don't have the exact have the exact solution for this. But still I have a way by which you can save your data.

Here it is:

When ever you open a Youtube video link, you just simply end the video from seek bar by moving it forward.

This way you can save you data and prevent Youtube from buffering the video.