HP 15-r253CL replacement power button board won't work!

General Squat

Jun 5, 2016
I recently replaced (attempted) the power button board on my HP 15-r253CL, and the button won't seem to boot up, wake up, or do anything at all.

Here's the interesting tidbit - when i remove the PBB flat cable from the motherboard while i'm plugged in or on battery, the computer will wake or boot. It's running that way right now. Soon as I attempt to reinsert the flat cable from the PBB, the computer will go to sleep. Pull the cable, wakes up.

Any thoughts? The replacement PBB is OEM, by the way.

Did you replace the power button while it's on? I would suggest to turn off the laptop completely off first, remove the battery and unplug the AC adapter. Once the laptop is completely off then replace the Power Button again. Try to power it on using the power button again and see if that will work or not.

General Squat

Jun 5, 2016

Tried that first, sadly. Pulled battery and unplugged, disassembled the keyboard and top trim, and installed the new button. Fully reassembled, plugged in, pushed button, and nada.
Jan 18, 2019

Did this ever got resolved?

I am having exactly the same issue and cant find anything out of place etc, seems like a short or grounding issue related to PBB
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