HP Pavilion 15-b156eo keyboard and battery issues


Jun 9, 2016
Hello! I got a problem with this laptop, as during disassembling I managed to pull on the ribbon cable of the keyboard too much. After cleaning and putting everything together I realized some keys do not work. Some of them include the middle enter, space bar, the up and down arrow keys, print scr and pg down keys. Otherwise the keyboard functions perfectly. At first I thought it is the cable of the keyboard itself, as it got bent slightly. I bought a new keyboard, however the issue persisted

I am now thinking if it might be the connector on the motherboard itself or another component on the motherboard? Pictures provided show the area around the connector as well as the back side of approximately the same area around the connector. Visually connector looks good, no broken contacts...

Another issue I experience with this laptop is the battery. The original battery began to degrade in capacity extremely rapidly and the laptop switched off suddenly even before the battery level reached 30%. I ordered a replacement, not original though. Now this battery shows great capacity, about 3-4 hours of use, HOWEVER now when unplugged the laptop switches itself off suddenly every 5-15% starting at 90% capacity and ending at 50%. After it switches off it may be started again immidiately.
Thus for example, 1st switch off at 89%, 2nd at 75%, 3rd at 68%, 4th at 55%. After that it may show slow discharge until about 20-30% when it either suddenly drops to 0% and hibernates because of power settings or once again switches off suddenly. It does not boot anymore after that until charge.

I have tried to calibrate this battery for tens times by forcing it to boot every time until it's completely dead. No success, same symptoms. HP Battery Check shows full health and approx. same charge in every cell.

Any ideas on where to search for the keyboard issue?
Is the unoriginal battery the issue, or might there be something else? How to know for sure?
Thank you in advance for any input!







It seems like the port where you plugin the ribbon cable for the keyboard looks okay. I would suggest inserting the ribbon cable all the way in and push down the black plastic retainer properly. But since you've already tried a new keyboard that could be a problem with the motherboard already. Another test you can do is to connect an external USB keyboard and see if it will work normally or not. And regarding your battery, do test the AC adapter if it's supplying enough voltage to the laptop. Remove the battery off the laptop then connect just the AC adapter and see if it will stay on. If the laptop will stay on that means your AC adapter is still working just fine. Do try a different AC adapter that has the same voltage and see if that will work or not. If all these will not work I would suggest just continuing on replacing the motherboard, it's like hitting 2 birds with 1 stone.