hp probook 6570b bios password protected need help


Feb 21, 2013
ok i was given an hp probook 6570b and everything works perfect only problem is the bios is password protected. so i have a Hewlett-Packard 17AB motherboard and Hewlett-Packard 68ICE bios. there are no white pages on the motherboard.i cant figure out how to flash the bios. ive flashed bios before on other machines but this one is different. i cant figure out what flash utility to use. also i tried to just run the bios update but because it is password protected i cant finish the update. ive tried hirens boot cd clear cmos and a few other bios programs to no avail and from my understanding i wont be able to access the bios until i flash it and hope it clears the password please help figure out what flash utility to use. thank you