I am trying to connect my sony home theater(BDV-3200) with HD+ set top box and Samsung 32inch led tv(H4140), for best surround


Oct 31, 2015
Hello all,
I have Sony Home Theater(BDV3200)+ Huawei HD+ Settop box and Samsung 32 inch LED TV( H4140). I want to get HD sound output of settop box on home theater.
Scenario is my tv have 2 hdmi port+ one optical port.
I have connect hd set top box with hdmi cable to tv and home theater(blue ray player) with other hdmi cable to tv. and optical cable b/w tv to home theater.
When i set settop box audio settings with dolby digital no sound out either from my tv or home theater. My ques is how to set my system to get perfect sound.
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