I am unable to use any Internet browsers!


Jun 19, 2015
My computer use to work quite well and allowed me to go on the Internet, play games on Steam, etc. Then one day I pulled up Google Chrome and there were so many ads I couldn't click on a Web page without opening new tabs full of virus-giving websites. I realized that my computer probably had Malware infecting it. After this I ran Malwarebytes and found something that I believed had caused it. I quickly removed it and restarted my computer to find it only a little better. I (over time) ran AVG and CCLEANER as well and I still have this problem. Is my computer a lost cause? Is there a simple solution I don't know? I appreciate all the help I can get.

Louise Porkolt

Nov 25, 2014
Hi there,

I had a computer with same issue lately and I removed the virus a few times ! every bootup the virus nested himself back !
I removed the HDD and scanned it (connected as SLAVE) from another PC (which was clean).
Then started the cleaned PC in Safe-mode and scanned again with "free-dr-web" the best antivirus I can find without having to install it !!!
(I have no affiliates with freedrWeb so just download the free portable version onto a USB-stick ) make sure you check the right checkboxes that you're not a company !! and scan again !

Goodluck, Louise !