I have receiver 150 w pure channel at 8 ohms I have 2 speaker that have woofer 8ohms and midrange at 8 ohms and 2 tweeter at 4

Jan 17, 2019
Receiver 1000 watts at 150 per channel at 8 ohms and I have 2 floor speakers 1 subwoofer at 8 ohms and 1 midrange at 8 ohms and 2 tweeter at 4 ohms how do I run them up
If the speaker has a make and model number you should be able to find the nominal impedance and maybe the minimum impedance in the specs or in a review.
Your receiver has to be able to support at least the nominal impedance. If it supports the minimum impedance it will drive the speakers and sound better than if it doesn't. Worse case it will go into protection, blow a fuse, or blow up if it isn't happy with the load the speakers present.
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