I really wanted to move all my files from internal storage to the sd card, but I can't transfer it all because it always pop o

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Jan 19, 2016
I went to the file manager, I wanted to move my files on the sd card.. When its starts to transfering,, the words no space left ob the device""pop out alwaysss. I can't even move all my files to the sd card.!!!!!!!
If you are trying to move them all at once, this can cause that problem. It may well be there is enough room on the card for some of the items, but the card can't hold them all. In this case, rather than moving the ones that can fit and then not the others, it sounds like your phone is stopping the transfer completely. Have you tried moving things individually? Or in smaller groups? That may well solve the problem.

However, note that some files are really large and if the card has less storage than the device itself, then you may not be able to move all.

Also, when it comes to apps, you won't be able to move most unless your device is running "Marshmallow".
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