I want to buy this gaming laptop,how about this one?


Nov 25, 2012
today,my friends suggest me to buy a MSI Gaming laptop.
but i don't know is it right for me.
i want to install winsows8 os , photoshop cs 6 ,autodeskcad 2013,3dsmax2013 and office 2013
others say that pc is better than laptop......
but notebook is beautiful than pc.....
i find this one:MSI GT70 0ND-202US this one is cheaper than others
should i to buy this one ?or ohters?


Oct 29, 2012
The one you have selected there is a very impressive 17" gaming laptop.

It is an older model with a 675m.

The 675m i based upon the older Fermi core and is a downclocked 560Ti.

It plays games very well and scores around 3600P on 3dmark11 at stock with up-to-date drivers.

One word of warning. The price I see everywhere is between $1200-1300 for now.

For that price, you might be able to afford a 670mx (newer Kepler core, slightly faster, less power draw, less heat) and on holiday deals might be able to afford a 675mx if you already have an OS.

You wouldn't go wrong with an MSI GT70... but may be able to stretch your budget a bit more with a white box MSI or Sager from a custom retailer like xoticpc, powernotebooks, or gentechpc. (or similar)

I'd do some comparison shopping.


Jan 18, 2012
Sounds like a good laptop. Although i've never owned an MSI gaming laptop i hear good things about them. However i'd also recommend (as KernalPanic did) looking at other manufacturers such as avadirect, xoticpc, sager, etc. If you're willing to stretch your budget and play around with the options on some of the websites i mentioned you could find a nice gaming laptop with a 7970m (which is basically an HD 7870 for desktops) for under 1500.