Instant shut off when playing games

Johny T

Mar 26, 2016
When I play some more demanding games with the power cable connected then my Asus k55vm screen turns black and the computer takes about 5 minutes to turn on. Is there a way to turn this off because I am sick of my notebook turning off when playing games.
I have tried to clean the notebook.
Buy a tube of Arctic Silver 5, open up the laptop, disassemble the cooler, reapply thermal compound to the CPU and GPU, then see if it gets any better.

Please do try these troubleshooting steps that may help.
- Go to Device Manager and uninstall the Nvidia graphics driver.
- Next is to open Programs and Features then uninstall anything related to Nvidia.
- Once completely uninstalled, download and install the latest driver.
- Here's the link:
- Reboot the laptop once the latest driver has been installed.
- Do also set Nvidia as the default GPU.
- Here's how: